Lego Cakes

You can’t go wrong with Lego Cakes! Our cake are just as versatile as Lego pieces. Ninjago cakes are very popular right now!

  • Ninjago-450x450 Lego Cakes

    Lloyd Ninjago cake

  • GUSL4340-450x450 Lego Cakes

    Lego with Figurine Cake

  • VUMM2282-450x450 Lego Cakes

    Simple Lego cake

  • IMG_9899-450x450 Lego Cakes

    Simple Ninja go cake

  • IMG_0721-450x450 Lego Cakes

    Ninja Go Cupcake

  • Lego-City-450x450 Lego Cakes

    Lego City Cake

  • Emet-450x450 Lego Cakes

    Lego Emmet

  • 11547B81-0E4C-46E9-AAD4-3BA6D352EB42-450x450 Lego Cakes

    Lego Number Cake