Price Change Notice

Dear Customers,
We are increasing our price on Cupcakes and Bubble tea on the 1st of May to keep up with the rising cost on basically everything. We tried our best to keep the price the same from the day we open 7 years ago, however it has been a heavy burden on us this recent year when all the ingredients, packaging, utility and rent has gone up at least 20%-30%.
We will increase single cupcake price to – Full size $5.5/Bite size $3.5. Vegan Cupcakes $6. Bubble tea cost from $6 to $7.
Thank you very much for your understanding, your support is very much appreciated.

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Opening Time

Mon-Sat 11am – 6.00pm

Sun 11am – 3pm

Fresh Cupcakes are available daily for purchase 🙂
Early pickup or late pickup available up on request.

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We take custom orders through emails only

Please make an appointment through email if you like to talk in person. Face mask must be worn properly during face to face consultation to keep us safe from Covid, your corporation is much appreciated.

Shipping Details

Delivery available up on request, delivery fee varies from distance. Same day delivery available for Cupcake packages ordered before 1pm. Minimum 1 week notice for Custom Cakes.

Please check with shipping calculate before placing order. Outer suburbs further from Malvern are not available due to costly delivery charge. Please contact us if you like to arrange delivery anyway. Thank you.