What do we use for all our cupcakes and cakes

Hi everyone, if you have known us well enough, you would know that we are using free range eggs, Devondale butter and milk, vanilla bean and extract, natural cocoa powder and everything made with scratch, just like when you bake at home.

We do not use: Shortening, preservatives, cake pre-mix, fake vanilla extract and margarine.

Unlike some bakeries or cupcake shops, we do not use any pre-mixed powder, everything is made with natural ingredients to keep our cakes high quality.

IMG_7278-1030x1030 What do we use for all our cupcakes and cakes

The reason that we use free range eggs is because we care about the animals and we believed that hens would have a better living environment if we buy free-range eggs, even it costs 2.5 times more than caged eggs. 

IMG_7649-1030x773 What do we use for all our cupcakes and cakes

We use natural Australian butter because it tastes better, more creamy and richer than margarine, we do not use shortenings because it has a strange after taste as it’s not a natural ingredient. 

IMG_7651-e1465098235901-773x1030 What do we use for all our cupcakes and cakes


We tried very hard to avoid using food coloring as there are preservatives in all the food coloring, we believe that simple and elegant looking of our cupcakes are appealing enough to our customers, do we really want food coloring in our everyday life? By the way we can do colorful cakes;-)It becomes a different case when it comes to birthday.

With the flavoring, we use real fruit for the cake, we try our best not to use food extracts because we want to keep our cakes as natural as possible, safe for children. We use vanilla extract, essence or vanilla bean for our cakes instead of vanilla imitations, believe it or not that’s what every bakery is using.

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So that’s a little introduction of what we use for our cakes, we make sure that your cake made with the best ingredients, and in return all we expect from our customers is respect. We are happy to pay a lot more for the best ingredients because we believe it’s better for us and our children. It’s hard to start a business and it’s even harder to use and keep using all the best ingredients, so please, if you care like us, do spread the words and do support us!


Thank you

—- Runaway Cupcake Team

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