Mum and Child’s half n half custom cake!


Last week has lots of  custom orders, all needed to be done by hands, and this one is the challenge of the week. The order is for a mum and her child celebrating birthday together, so they wanted something half  n half the cake but to feed 30-40 people.

Cake 1:

For the child is easier, a zoo theme cake! There has to be a monkey, a lion and a giraffe. The child is 1 yr old so has to have a big 1 on the cake. So with the animals I’ve made them with fondant by hands, took longer than I thought, but  fun; the most challenging part is to cover this half round cake with fondant! Because the cake was requested as a sponge cake and with apple fillings inside, so the cake is super soft and wobbling! Seriously I didn’t realize how difficult it is to cover a half round cake with fondant!! We have spent a lot of time icing the cake to make it stable and straight, buttercream is the only thing that can help the cake stable, so we have covered the sponge cake with vanilla buttercream first, make sure it is flat and straight, then put in to the freezer to make it hard.

After half a hour the cake is ready to be covered by fondant, wasn’t a smooth cover as the shape of the cake is unusual, so it has caused some mess, we have managed to fix it with wet fondant, to smooth it out with finger, until it looks more presentable. The most exciting part will be the cake itself! It is a lemony sponge cake with vanilla buttercream and apple and cinnamon filling! Gosh I do expect a WOW fact!

IMG_8461-633x1030 Mum and Child's half n half custom cake!

Cake 2:

The second cake is requested to have a cow girl, a pony or horse shoe, so I’ve made the pony and a cow girl with fondant of course.

Then it’s the most annoying part —  covering the cake by fondant! Same thing happened and tried to smooth it with finger until it looks like this.
IMG_8463-856x1030 Mum and Child's half n half custom cake!

Overall it wasn’t the worse experience of cake making, but took a lot of time, but all worth it! I loved the pony and the cow girl especially!IMG_8460-1030x907 Mum and Child's half n half custom cake!

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