Macaroons&Cupcakes Party Packs!

Macaroons and cupcakes are the best party take home presents!

This was the challenge of last last week which was the week before. Why was this challenging? Because it has 360 macaroons………. and I’ve never made a macaroon before!!

So let’s start finding recipes about macaroons. The one I’ve found and I trust was from Joy of Baking. Stephanie is always very helpful on my orders so I’ve seek for her help again this time.


To make macaroons we need lots of almond meals, as you all know, almond meals are quite expansive, just because its nut!? Every batch needs:

100g almond meal

180g icing sugar

100g egg white

another 35g icing sugar in the egg white

1/4 tsp Cream of Tatar

The process off making macaroons was very easy, but super hard to get the consistency right!! It was either too runny or too stiff, if it’s too runny, the macaroons will crack on the surface; and if it’s too stiff, the pointing edge on the macaroon will not disappear and the surface will be rough.

Macaron-Crack-1030x773 Macaroons&Cupcakes Party Packs!

I’ve used 5kg of almond meals to get this right, but still not 100%, needs a lot of practice to get them consistent.

After a week of practicing, I have managed to make 360 macaroons, which is 20 boxes of 9 pinks, and 20 boxes of 9 blues and of course the ingredients are all natural and fresh.

For 360 macaroon I have used at least 60 free range eggs, and just imagine how many egg yolks that’s left… lucky we can use the egg yolks to make vanilla pudding so didn’t waste too many of them.


IMG_8424-824x1030 Macaroons&Cupcakes Party Packs! IMG_8421-987x1030 Macaroons&Cupcakes Party Packs!

Then it’s time to make the cupcakes. It was a Hanna Art theme cupcakes so I look up the internet to find some inspirations. Hanna art is all about lines, flowers, pretty dots. So I’ve combined all of that to the 40 cupcakes. I enjoyed making those cupcakes, no challenge just pure fun.IMG_8413-824x1030 Macaroons&Cupcakes Party Packs!

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