Lola’s zoo buttercream cake

For a 6 year old girl, who doesn’t like cute animals? But hopefully she can cut down a little so I don’t have to make all the animals…

Lola wants a grey cat, a snow tiger, a dog and a giraffe (the hippo was my idea). Her mum Sarah wants the cake covered by pink icing and decorated with pink and white marshmallows. Honestly when I was writing everything down, I had no idea how the cake is going to look and worried about the animals might not match with pink icing.

But I was wrong, when I put all the animals and everything else together, it looks pretty nice and cute, I kinda like it, maybe not to eat it as the marshmallows are too sweet for me. So happy 6th birthday Lola!

IMG_7525-1030x1030 Lola's zoo buttercream cake

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