Last Minute Custom Cupcakes Only @Runway Cupcakes!!!

Believe it or not, but we definitely have done so many last minute cake and cupcake orders, mostly from mums….

Somehow they forget their child’s birthday hahaha…

Anyway that’s where we pop up to get everything moving

One morning, actually 1pm in the afternoon, we have received a call from a mum and she wants us to make her a dozen cupcakes with Minion and Green Alien cupcakes for her daughter by 5:30pm. So….we’ve start baking, baking and baking, decorating, making Minions and Aliens, luckily we are not busy on Mondays, so we are pretty excited to get this order.

Mixing the batter takes about 45 minutes as you can not rush the process, has to beat the butter long enough to get air bubbles, so the cake base will be spongy and fluffy. Next step is to bake them, 25 minutes for standard cupcakes, and then cool them down for at least 1/2 hour; in the main time we need to get the icing done, and decorate the cupcakes, set them a side.

It’s time to make the decorations! The exciting part!

Obviously made with fondant by hands………….that part takes about 1 1/2 hour and leave it to dry.

By 5 pm we have done it! Of course the customer was VERY happy about it.

IMG_8006-1030x773 Last Minute Custom Cupcakes Only @Runway Cupcakes!!!

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