Last minute birthday cupcakes

Today is Sunday, a quiet Sunday as the tram work is still on outside of our shop, but most o the work were done, so no more dusts or noises, thank God it’s finished!

Anyway, around lunchtime I’ve received a phone call from a lady who was trying to order a birthday cake and delivered to a friend’s house today, as everyone knows this is mostly impossible for any cake shop, because cakes unlike cupcakes that cool down so quickly and can be decorated in an hour, but I really want to help her so I said yes, I promised her that I will do my best to make everything and deliver to them tonight and she’s ok with any time in the evening.

I go out to do all the shopping and come back for the baking, she ordered 6 fullsize cupcakes and a baby cake with ‘for man’ theme decorations on it, so while the cake is in the oven, I started to make the decorations.

So what does man like… all I can think of is beer, tie, leather wallet…etc. Yeah… so I made theseIMG_7540-1030x773 Last minute birthday cupcakes

And for the baby cake, according to the customer, the man likes movie, so here we go with some movie theme decorations.
IMG_7539-1030x1030 Last minute birthday cupcakes

In the end, I have kept my promise and delivered the cakes to the birthday man’s place by 9:30pm, good drive, no traffic, happy ending for everyone.

If you ever need a last minute cake, give us a call 0399397892 and ask for Lucy, I’ll make it happen 😉

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