King Kong 21st Birthday cake feeds 80 people

On Wednesday there were two young girls came in looking for a 21st birthday cake for one of them, for Friday…that usually too late to order a cake like this but I wanted to do it, just because she wants a King Kong on the cake! It sounds challenging, so we took it.

Making the cake was a long process, it’s not easy to stack 4 layers of 5 inch cakes on top of a 9 in because it’s way too heavy for it, so we’ve dug a hole on top of the 9 inch and insert in the 4 cakes so that they can become one piece.

Then we need to buttercream them and put fondant on. It’s hard to straight everything up because they are not really ‘one piece’, everything is movable, and all have their own differences. We’ve carved the extra bits and finally covered up the building part.

The hardest part was to make the King Kong to stand on 21st stable, we have pinned them together with a few toothpicks but God knows when they will decided to go a part again…

Once everything was made, it’s time to put the 21 and King Kong on top of the roof, it’s exciting to see the result but also stressful to do so, looks like the King Kong would go kill himself in any minute. We just need him to hold on for 12 hours!!! Go King Kong!

This was a custom cake for a 21st birthday to feed 80 people, it’s chocolate velvet cake base and vanilla buttercream and fondant decorated, took us at least 5 hours in total, the most challenging cake we’ve ever done so far. We loved it and enjoyed it.

IMG_8038-824x1030 King Kong 21st Birthday cake feeds 80 people

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