Handmade Fondant Minnie Mouse cake and cupcakes

This fondant cake was fun to do, we have tried a few brand, such as the big brands like Satin Ice or Bakels, but honestly I didn’t like those big brands, the one I’ve found in the supermarket have always been my favorite – Creative Kitchen 1kg Fondant Pack. It’s stretch enough and doesn’t dry out so quickly, stays soft and smooth if you wrap it up with glad wrap. The Satin Ice was okay to use, good for making everything such as little figures or covering the whole cake, but it dries out quickly after you left it on the table for 20 minutes; Bakels was even worse…I can’t believe how much crack it had when I tried to use it the second time.

With Creative Kitchen it was great for every use! I can’t believe this but this is the truth, I have tried other brands as well but not what I expected, so I went back find this fondant in the supermarket and they somehow stopped selling them… Anyway this is what we did for 3 years old Emily for her beautiful Minnie Mouse Party.

IMG_7908-1030x1030 Handmade Fondant Minnie Mouse cake and cupcakes

6 full size vanilla cupcakes and 6 Gluten free vanilla cupcakes. Obviously there are more and more people going gluten free these days, I know some people think GF food are a bit weird, but our cupcakes are made with coconut flour, 6 free range eggs only makes 8 GF cupcakes, so you are getting a lot of protein from it!

IMG_7909-1030x893 Handmade Fondant Minnie Mouse cake and cupcakes

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