Fondant Minnie Mouse birthday cake

Who doesn’t like Micky mouse?? I’ve been to Tokyo few years ago and went to the Disneyland, it was just the heaven for kids (and some adults)! Full of happiness, delicious snacks, activities that pleasures all of yours senses.

So 2 weeks ago, I’ve received an Minnie mouse cake order, with fondant. No matter how much I dislike fondant cakes (because they taste like soap), I had to satisfy my customers. So on Friday night, we’ve rolled the pink fondant into a thick sheet and carefully slap onto the cake, of course there are butter cream inside the cake to add more taste to it. Unexpectedly the fondant sheet has covered up the cake so perfect and smooth! I don’t even need to use the tools to flatten it! I carefully trimmed off all the excess fondant and warped the cake with a pink ribbon. Wow that looks pretty already. Then we’ve carved the Minnie mouse head, eyes, nose, mouth, face all separately and put them together with a brush of water. Finally put the fondant bow tie on, decorated with big and small white dots and happy birthday sign.

Now we have a Minnie mouse cake!

IMG_7527-1030x1030 Fondant Minnie Mouse birthday cake

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