Celebrate Halloween with Cupcakes!

What was your last Halloween Cupcake like? Was it a creepy one or yucky? Let’s make some Halloween Cupcakes this year!

Halloween came from America, and it’s the time in the liturgical year dedicated to remembering the dead.

But even we don’t really take it seriously in Australia, we should still celebrate Halloween as we should celebrate every event in our life to make it more interesting.

So for us the creative Runaway Cupcakes team, we are passionate of making and creating, so we want to make something you don’t usually find in Halloween. Starting from making the mask of Jason, mask of Scream and mask of Jig Saw, those are my favorite horror characters, so I want to make them with fondant and share with others.

IMG_8553-1030x1030 Celebrate Halloween with Cupcakes! IMG_8557-930x1030 Celebrate Halloween with Cupcakes! IMG_8562-1030x1030 Celebrate Halloween with Cupcakes!

But not everyone watch that many horror movies I know, so I’ve made some mild creations which is okay even for children such as the friendly ghost, little eyeballs, knifed fingers, witch hat and pumpkins…

I’ve also tried to make Chucky as he was on the MOST POPULAR HORROR CHARACTER LIST, but it takes forever to make his face…. as he has a load of scars and cuts on it, which makes him more creepy than ever.

IMG_8569-824x1030 Celebrate Halloween with Cupcakes!

Once the decorations are done, it’s time to put them on the cupcakes.

The Red Velvet becomes Mummy, and Raspberry and white chocolate has an eyeball on it. Isn’t it just so much fun to make Halloween Cupcakes??! Halloween is my favorite festival, because there are so much I can do and over the top.

IMG_8571-1030x773 Celebrate Halloween with Cupcakes! IMG_8572-1030x773 Celebrate Halloween with Cupcakes! IMG_8576-1030x773 Celebrate Halloween with Cupcakes!

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