Cadbury Dairy-free chocolate cake for Gabrielle

This cake really challenged me because I can’t use dairy in it, but the birthday girl LOVES Cadbury’s Marvelous Creation series, it’s ok to have a piece off chocolate on the cake, but the cake has to be dairy free.

I was worry about the cake might not work if I substitute milk and butter with margarine and soy milk, but it came out just fine! That was a relief.

So our idea for this cake is to make the cake look like a Cadbury chocolate block, so obviously the cake need to be carved into rectangle, and after frosted with cream, we carefully slap the purple fondant sheet onto the cake, then the rest of the Cadbury decorations.

Gabrielle loves high heels so I thought I should make one which will make the cake more stand out.The best thing is you can eat EVERYTHING!!! Oh yeah, that’s what I want! Finally here we go the Cadbury Dairy-free Chocolate cake!

IMG_7478-1030x1030 Cadbury Dairy-free chocolate cake for Gabrielle

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