Custom Cakes for the Kids

Stuck for ideas on how to make a celebration for a little one…

Custom Comic Creations

One of the easiest ways to make a statement at an event is with…
Customs rose cake

A Brief History of Cake

Cake, as we know it today, has almost limitless possibilities.…
Sit on top of round

Game Of Throne Cake

Iron Throne Cake -- takes about 3-4 hours Yes this is a Game…
Custom Cake

XO Bottle Mousse Cake

This cake is for a client's 50th birthday. It was quite a…

Beautiful Fruit&Flower Cake and Cupcakes

Last weekend we've had our very first attempt on the red wine…

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Runaway Cupcakes Baking & Decorating Workshop [Kids]   Topic:…
Angry Bird 3

Vegan Harry Potter Book Cake

If you still are a Harry Potter fan, you might like this cake. Let's…

Vegan Cake Collection

We LOVE making vegan cake, seriously, because it's less rich…

Giant Burger Cake for Abbey!

Have you ever thought of a Burger Cake?? I mean a GIANT ONE! Recently…

Minion Baby Cake - yummy creamy

I know most of the Minion cakes are covered by fondant to keep…