Pokemon Cake

AWESOME Custom Pokemon Cake

A 7yr old boy’s fantasy is this Pokemon cake, I know it looks a bit rough, but that’s exactly what it should look like…..so his mum Marian sent me an image asks if I can make this cake, and I said yes. We figured out how this cake was made, how can it looks like a painting? Let’s talk about the techniques.

First of all obviously cut the cake in to 2 layers and filled with chocolate buttercream, because the outside of the cake is going to be colorful so it has to be vanilla buttercream, so to make it more delicious I’ve used chocolate buttercream for the layer in between and overall. Make sure it’s all smooth and shaped and put in to the fridge.

Once the cake is fully chilled, the chocolate buttercream is hard as ice, then it’s time to put another layer of vanilla icing on top as the ‘canvas’, then make the colored buttercream, into the piping bag and just leave a pencil size hole in the piping bag for the icing to come out just like paint; then use a thin end scraping knife to make all the strokes, just like painting on a canvas.

Don’t worry if the colors mixed together as it should look spontaneous.

In the end, pip a few white buttercream lines around the Picachu and here we have a Pokemon cake!!!

IMG_8325-825x1030 AWESOME Custom Pokemon Cake

Alone with the cake, there were 20 x Picachu cookies too!

IMG_8319-1030x773 AWESOME Custom Pokemon Cake

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