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Custom Cakes for the Kids

Stuck for ideas on how to make a celebration for a little one extra special? Whether you’ve got a birthday, communion, Easter party, or anything else on the way, adding that extra touch makes the day even more memorable. At Runaway Cupcakes, we’ve seen first-hand how that “extra touch” can be made possible with custom […]

Custom Comic Creations

One of the easiest ways to make a statement at an event is with a custom cake. Cakes have always been something of a climax at a celebration, especially when birthday candles are blown out and wedding cakes are cut. So, what trends are popular at the moment and where have they stemmed from? Some […]

A Brief History of Cake

Cake, as we know it today, has almost limitless possibilities. From life-sized cake creations, to motorised sweet treats and other unbelievable feats, expert bakers are surprising us over and over again. So, where did the humble cake first originate? How did it develop to the record-worthy sponge sweets that we enjoy now? Let’s take a […]