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Game Of Throne Cake

Iron Throne Cake — takes about 3-4 hours Yes this is a Game of Throne cake, although it is only a small cake that feeds about 4 people, but we can always make more cake under the Throne. We have made this cake on the night that the new season of Game of Throne was […]

XO Bottle Mousse Cake

This cake is for a client’s 50th birthday. It was quite a challenge of making this cake. Because our client are Asians, and they don’t like a cake that’s too sweet, so we wanted to make a mousse cake, and it’s for about 20 people to share. We’ve made a sheet of brownie, and a […]

Beautiful Fruit&Flower Cake and Cupcakes

Last weekend we’ve had our very first attempt on the red wine poached pear and burnt fig , it was a big success! I personally love the look of the cake and also I’ve tasted them (spare one of course), they are just as beautiful as it looks! The burnt fig wasn’t much work but […]

NEW!Kids Decoration Workshops are HERE!! Inquire Today!

Runaway Cupcakes Baking & Decorating Workshop [Kids]   Topic: Angry Bird Cupcakes Duration: 1 hour                                                                 When: After school               Class size: 6    Suitable for: 6-9yr+ Price: $30/Child Result: 2+ Angry Bird Cupcakes to bring home So Angry bird was one of the most popular app games, and then we’ve seen the movie and understand why […]

Vegan Harry Potter Book Cake

If you still are a Harry Potter fan, you might like this cake. Let’s talk about the flavor first, so it’s a vegan chocolate pound cake with vegan Hershey’s chocolate buttercream icing, and some of vanilla icing for the book part. After the cake is baked and set, it’s time to put the book cover […]

Vegan Cake Collection

We LOVE making vegan cake, seriously, because it’s less rich and still taste good! In the past 12 months we have had some difficulties with vegan and gluten free cake as it’s tricky to substitute the ingredients to vegan options, after many trying and failings we have finally finalised our own vegan recipe. With vegan cake […]

Giant Burger Cake for Abbey!

Have you ever thought of a Burger Cake?? I mean a GIANT ONE! Recently I had a young customer came to me asking for a burger cake, she wants ’12’ on top of the cake, a milk shake and some fries on the cake because she loves food and this cake is all about food! […]

Minion Baby Cake – yummy creamy

I know most of the Minion cakes are covered by fondant to keep the neatness of the cake, but I’m sure all of you will tell me how yucky is the fondant cake. No question asked that the fondant has preservatives in them and glucose and other stuff you don’t want to know about… but […]

Celebrate Halloween with Cupcakes!

What was your last Halloween Cupcake like? Was it a creepy one or yucky? Let’s make some Halloween Cupcakes this year! Halloween came from America, and it’s the time in the liturgical year dedicated to remembering the dead. But even we don’t really take it seriously in Australia, we should still celebrate Halloween as we should celebrate every […]

Macaroons&Cupcakes Party Packs!

Macaroons and cupcakes are the best party take home presents! This was the challenge of last last week which was the week before. Why was this challenging? Because it has 360 macaroons………. and I’ve never made a macaroon before!! So let’s start finding recipes about macaroons. The one I’ve found and I trust was from […]

Mum and Child’s half n half custom cake!

Summary Last week has lots of  custom orders, all needed to be done by hands, and this one is the challenge of the week. The order is for a mum and her child celebrating birthday together, so they wanted something half  n half the cake but to feed 30-40 people. Cake 1: For the child […]