For boys age 5 to whatever it might be, the Iron man might be their favourite superhero of all, and we LOVE making Iron man cakes! Because it’s challenging, but truely rewarding with the result.

Here is how we make it and the reason people charge a lot for a custom cake.

First of all we bake the cake, in that case we need to firgure out how much cake we need to bake and include the parts we need to chop off, for this Iron man let say there are 30+ people at the party.

We would bake 3 sheets of chocolate cake for the chest and shoulder; and 2 layers of 5inch for the neck and 4 layers of 6inch for the face.

After Jet studied the shape of the Iron man, he started sculpting it little by little, as if we take too much off, it’s very difficult to stick it back up as butter cake is crumbly but firm after refridgerated.

IMG_4812-1030x1030 An amazing Iron Man Cake made to order only

Once the basic shape of Iron man is done, it’s time to cover up with chocolate buttercream, that’s to make the surface smooth enough and ready for fondant.

This part will usaully take about half an hour with all the tools you need such as turning table, carving knife, spatula and a Iron man print out to study.
IMG_4813-1030x1030 An amazing Iron Man Cake made to order only

After the first round of sculpting, quickly transfer the cake into the fridge so the cake will set and buttercream will go hard. If we leave the cake out in the room temperature too long, the cake will start to dry and crumble down.

In the main while, we moved on to other cakes, as the Iron man need some time to set firm for the next round of sculpting.

After the Iron man is firm and cool, we can work on the details of the eyes, jaw, neck etc. Of course after finish all the carving we need to cover up with buttercream, and store it in the fridge.

IMG_4816-1030x1030 An amazing Iron Man Cake made to order only

Now, does this looks like Iron man to you? It’s been around 2 1/2 hours since working on the Iron man.

IMG_4790-e1552963548840-773x1030 An amazing Iron Man Cake made to order only

Now the crucial part is to smooth the buttercream as much as possible, if there is any crumb or lump outthere, they will show on the fondant. So I washed my hands with hot water and dried, quickly apply to the cake to soften the buttercream and just go crazy rubbing it until it’s smooth and glossy. It kind of feel like playing with clay but edible 😉

IMG_4798-e1552963681101-773x1030 An amazing Iron Man Cake made to order only

Time to cover it up with fondant! As a professional cake maker I do this very quickly so we can place it into the fridge asap, because the longer it stays in room temperature, the more bubbles in the fondant.

IMG_4831 An amazing Iron Man Cake made to order only

Now it’s the fun time for me to do all of those details on the Iron man, make sure the lines are straight.

Here is our result!
IMG_4842-824x1030 An amazing Iron Man Cake made to order only