Have you seen cupcakes like this? Those are actually all cupcakes… everything is edible, mostly buttercream and cakes, chocolate sauce, real pop corn for the pop corn, short bread cookies for the fries………..

We do a lot of custom cakes and cupcakes but this is the only one that ‘isn’t cupcakes’, which was very fun to make and not hard at all! But the result looks AMAZING! I think the most tricky part was to fit each one of them into the fairy’s wheel…IMG_8192-1030x1030 AMAZING CARNIVAL CUPCAKES!!!

I have made the hamburger cupcakes with vanilla cupcake and cupcake cookie for the top with sesame; chocolate buttercream for the patty; fondant for the cheese; green buttercream or the lettuce…

The feedback from the customer was AWESOME!!! Everyone was amazed and had loads of fun! That’s what we aim for.



IMG_8179_meitu_1-785x1030 AMAZING CARNIVAL CUPCAKES!!!

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