5inch Vanilla Sponge Baby Cake For Sarah


This baby 5inch sponge cake can feed up to 4 people, with fresh vanilla buttercream frosting inside and outside of the cake, you can enjoy a full mouth of cake with cream.

Sarah has ordered a 9inch animal themed birthday cake for Lola 2 weeks ago, and she called me for some feedback. The cake was beautiful and it tasted great too! Oh I mean why is it surprising… the cake supposed be tasty haha. This time Sarah has ordered a baby cake for her birthday, she loved the vanilla sponge cake and the icing in between the cake, so she wants me to make the same but smaller. I want to make her birthday cake a bit more special so I’ve made those little family figures with fondant and a Happy Birthday. Everything is edible and freshly made just for her.

A vanilla sponge cake base with vanilla buttercream icing.

Starting from $9.95 make an order now!!!

IMG_7642-1030x1030 5inch Vanilla Sponge Baby Cake For Sarah

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