Kids Party at Arunaway Cupcakes – Kiara’s Mermaid party!

image-4-1030x1030 Kids Party at Arunaway Cupcakes - Kiara's Mermaid party!image-5-1030x1030 Kids Party at Arunaway Cupcakes - Kiara's Mermaid party!

We do cupcakes and cakes of course, but what we really want to do is to make it as a whole package for our customers, such as an instore birthday party including cupcakes, cakes and drinks. Thought about it for a few months now and recently we finaly have recieved an inquiry on birthday party!!! Omg this is so exciting! We get to do the cupcakes and the cake; set up the display and venue; serve coffee and tea to the parents; milkshakes and ice creams to the kids. This is actually happening!!! AND we delivered! For SURE. The theme was mermaid and for a 4yr old little girl, so we’ve designed 30 big and small cupcakes for everyone to taste as afternoon tea, also a 9inch vanilla cake for the candle amd wishes, just perfect. The kids and parents were so impressed and so enjoyed, lucky I’ve prepares enough sou milk, guess it’s really popular to have soy latte these days. We’ve definitely all had a great day! I hope there will be more parties coming! More themes!

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